aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Mountaintop experiences

It just occurred to me to catalog the more prominent mountains I've bagged over the years. It's not all that impressive a list, but looking back over the various trials and trails involved in reaching the summits, I'm proud to say, "Been there, done that."

*Glastonbury Tor, England, 520' (2005)
Scafell Pike, England, 3209' (2008)
**Yr Wyddfa/Snowdon, Wales, 3560' (2005)
White Rocks, KY (Cumberland Gap NHP), 3843' (2007)
Ben Nevis, Scotland, 4409' (2008)
Chimney Tops, TN (Great Smokey Mts. NP), 4800' (1995)
Mt. Marcy, NY (Adirondacks), 5343' (2007)
***Clingman's Dome, TN (Great Smokey Mts. NP), 6643' (1995)
Tooth of Time, NM (Philmont), 9003' (1997, 1998)
Mt. Phillips, NM (Philmont), 11721' (1998)
Baldy Mt., NM (Philmont), 12441' (1997, 2000)
Wheeler Peak, NM, 13161' (2009)

*The Tor is hardly a mountain, but it stands alone, and it has historical significance.
** To be fair, we took the train to the top of Snowdon, then hiked down.
*** The trail to the top of Clingman's Dome is but a short, paved affair, from the parking lot.
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