aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,


Well, I'm back from my travels for a while. Annual Conference was stressful, but it's over. A number of stressors remain to be dealt with this week.

siege is in bad shape. He's managed to screw up his medicine situation significantly. collinsmom was going to join me in Muncie for the close of Annual Conference (and seeing our daughter, stryck), but his situation caused her to re-route herself Friday to come straight home and deal with our son. Prayers for him would be appreciated.

Cuthbert is also very sick. He is emaciated and has no appetite. We have him on intensive feedings of high-protein, high-fat food. We are very worried about him.

My main computer locked up on me Wednesday night before leaving for Conference. I don't know what it'll take to get it up and running, but half my life and work is on that hard disk, including all of the passwords I need only occasionally (like, for Facebook).

On the positive side, I got to see stryck and anher this week. They even came to church this morning!

Also in attendance at church was a family I have been very concerned about and praying for, strenuously. So, yay! for Jesus and may he also help me with the other things on my plate.

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