aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Almost ready

All this week, as I've struggled to get over the crud I picked up last week, I've also been cranking out enormous amounts of work: local parish work, NAUMS work, housework, you name it. I'm exhausted.

I leave at half-past gawdawful in the morning to catch a flight to Colorado. Don't know if I'll make connections with the John Wesley Ranch people in Divide, but I still figure on camping at the Taos Ski Lift area tomorrow night and hitting Wheeler Peak early on Sunday.

It's about a six mile slog to the top, and very steep in the beginning. In 2004, that_guy_zach and I got within a mile or so of the summit before we had to turn back. The day was getting late, and he was sick. Here's hoping for strength to make it up all the way and back down in good order!

I'm planning on camping in Cimarron Canyon S.P. Sunday and Monday nights. Monday, I drop in on Philmont to give a pitch on NAUMS to the UM Scouters Workshop and also to check out the camping side of things. Tuesday finds me flying home.

Here's to it! God speed the work!

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