aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Well, I survived the first night of VBS

It was great, but I'm bushed. I don't normally teach a VBS class; actually, I'm not normally asked to teach. You see, everyone wants the pastor to float around, blessing and encouraging everyone and being available for whatever. Usually, I take pictures.

But this year, everyone was freaked out about being able to pull off Vacation Bible School, and I was backing the education leaders. I said I'd do whatever they needed me to do. So they finally asked me to teach.

We're doing a Western Ranch theme, and I'm the trail cook. Hello, I'm yer cook, Crusty. These hyear be my assistants, Greasy and Squirrely (Jordan and Marshall). I've got a cool outdoor setup, and I'm baking peach cobbler in a Dutch oven each night, doing crafts and games, and teaching about the Bread of Life. And I finally found a use for that buffalo chip frisbee I bought in Nebraska on the way back from Philmont in 2000.

Tonight's class was a group of seven-year-old boys (plus a "ranch hand" -- helper -- a boy, age 11). They were a hoot.

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