aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Cumeg Mighty Warrior and the Host of Dust Bunnies

I did great battle this day. I finally got my study cleaned up. Now, I was straightening and pitching out in the main rooms of the house, but I realized that I was never going to get the dining room table cleared of stuff unless I made room in the garbage pit I occupy for several hours a day -- my actual working space.

This was more than ordinary clutter, my loyal retainers. This was a blizzard of papers, boxes, notes to self, handouts, hymnals, FRPGs and whatnot, lying in heaps and drifts in a too-small room. Now, I'm a clutterbug. I admit it. But I have rarely had such a mess to clean up.

It started when we moved from Yonder to Hereabouts, three years ago. There was no time to pack properly, because collinsmom and I went to Tanzania and got back the week before we were scheduled to move. The place we were going had no parsonage ready, so we finally got shoved into temporary quarters in a starter house. Half our stuff went into storage, where we couldn't get at it.

Seven months later, we moved into this house, which the church bought and rehabbed as a parsonage. There has been no time to really go through anything. Things have only gotten worse in the last two years and some.

But, no more. Last month, I got a bunch of stuff from the storage room (old financial stuff and a heap of my Dad's estate leftovers) worked over and disposed of. Now, I have a clean study to operate from, which should free the dining room from clutter. If I can just get one room at a time worked on every six or eight weeks, I'll eventually tame this horde.

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