aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Know before you go

I've been cudgeling my poor brain to make final preparations for the various summer trips I'm leading or participating in.

1) I've got a call in to BSA to make sure I'm registered for my meeting in Orlando on May 20.

2) I've got info on the Mark Twain 10-miler in Hannibal. I just need to get a final count on who's going, so I can order tram tickets for the Arch.

3) I've updated my itinerary to Colorado and New Mexico for the end of June. I don't think NM parks are going to take reservations, so I'll just have to find a place as best I can at Cimarron Canyon. I'll be staying the first night, a Saturday, up on Wheeler Peak at Bull of the Woods, anyway. So, I'll need to camp at Cimarron Canyon on Sunday and Monday nights. Shouldn't be too hard to find a place.

4) I made my reservation today for camping at Summit Lake S.P. south of Muncie for Annual Conference.

5) I finally made my reservation for the UMM Gathering in July.

6) I've paid my money for Scout Camp in July, so all I've got to do now is schedule my annual physical before all this breaks loose.

7) Still to do: send money to Henderson Settlement for mission trip in August. I'll get this done next week.

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