aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Final accounting for April's LJ commentary

My perception was that my poetry posts generated very little interest. This is discouraging. But I decided to compare my poetry posts with all other posts to this journal, since I suspect that my posts generally generate very little interest. Which is also discouraging. But on to the facts.

During April, I made 30 poetry posts. 6 posts garnered a total of 13 comments by 5 different commenters (including myself). 24 posts garnered no comments.

Meanwhile, I made 31 non-poetry posts (not counting this one). 11 posts garnered a total of 26 comments by 12 different commenters (including myself). 20 posts garnered no comments. There was no one kind of post that generated much more interest than any other kind (the top four posts for comments were a You Tube embed [4], a church-related story [4], a prayer request [3], and a personal whinge [3] -- quite a miscellany).

prester_scott and detroitfather were my most frequent commenters, and commented upon multiple posts. Most other commenters only commented on one post of any sort.

I don't know if I'm just not engaging others' interest, or if LJ isn't as lively a place generally as it used to be. I suspect a lot of the latter. I have a lot of people on my flist who don't post at all any more.

Anyway, I wonder if it's worth the effort to post a daily poem for National Poetry Month next April.

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