aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

My, you've been busy since I saw you last.

Just for grins, I googled images of "Sardior," and found this accompanying a D&D article on the Church of Sardior. Didn't know he had one. He hadn't, last I was in contact with him, and I don't see him as much of a religious figure, anyway. He was always more of a raconteur, a haunter of that great, exclusive leather-upholstered club, a frequenter of the corner table at that little bistro only the truly in-the-know ever seem to eat at. He would have thought running a religion, well, a bit pedestrian -- rather like selling newspapers at a kiosk by the train station.

The color's wrong, too. Sardior is the Ruby Dragon. *sniff* Maybe he has Emerald Dragons on his staff. But, who am I to say what Sardior is like today? I'm only the guy what invented him, thirty years ago.

Sardior and Companion Psi Cohort of the Church of Sardior

EDIT: Seeing this guy in his green stole makes me think I could design a new kind of dragon: Liturgical Dragons! In all the cool, liturgical colors: purple (alternatively, blue); white (or gold); red; green. Half of all dragons would be green -- and boring. Whaddya think?

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