aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Pix from vacation trip, with minimal commentary

These are pretty self-explanatory, except for the tricked out car shaped like a boat with the mannequin in the passenger's seat. That's included as a special courtesy to detroitfather. Most pix are of Colonial Williamsburg and the Mariners Museum. Click on a pic to enlarge.

Douthat State Park Douthat State Park
Lakeside campground
Anna and Percivale Anna and Percivale
Two long-haired beauties
Brian and Percivale Brian and Percivale
Latest in fashion accessories
Wheelwright's Shop Wheelwright's Shop
Colonial Williamsburg
Governor's Palace Governor's Palace
approach from the gardens
Chamber Organ Chamber Organ
Ballroom, Governor's Palace
Armory Armory
Colonial Williamsburg
Capitol Capitol
Colonial Williamsburg
The Throne The Throne
Jailhouse privy, Colonial Williamsburg; the height of the seat is the source of the common euphemism.
Liveoak Liveoak
First Landing State Park
No clue No clue
Not all Virginians are this crazy, but it helps.
Weather Vane Weather Vane
Mariners Museum
St. Paul St. Paul
Figurehead of the "St. Paul"
Gilt Eagle Figurehead Gilt Eagle Figurehead
When it was ship-mounted, it was brown and white, but I like it gilded
Lighthouse beacon Lighthouse beacon
Note the fresnel lens used to magnify and focus the beam.


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