aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Got dem ol computer blues

I've been without a reliable printer for ten months now. When I need to print something, I e-mail to the church next door and print it out over there.

Well, I bought a new printer a week or ten days ago. I finally got around to installing it this evening. It wouldn't install without I upgraded my Windows 2000 with a new Service Pack. I downloaded that (which took forever), then hit "Finish" so that it would reboot my computer. Except it didn't. Reboot, that is. It hung up like an old tire in a tree after a flood.

collinsmom and I disconnected the computer from the barrel of snakes behind the desk and rushed it to Best Buy. The Geek Squad plugged it in, snapped it on, and -- it booted right up. Well, color me stupid.

Except when I tried that at home, it still hung up on me. Well, I figured that Easter Weekend is not the time to try to figure this out, so I fired up ol' Dadmachine (my older, wonky computer). It can read webpages okay, so I got on LJ, logged in, and tried to post. And promptly crashed the program. It'll read 'em, but it won't post to 'em.

Right now, I just want to take a sledgehammer to all of them -- computers, that is. (I'm over in the church office, posting this.)

EDIT: S'okay, I finally got the old boy to boot up. The internet connection is wonky, the new printer scares me, and everything is jury-rigged to the max, but it works. I think I'll take my income tax refund and buy me a new 'puter, though. I just can't make this thing work indefinitely.

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