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New Icon

I have finally chosen my third user pic for LJ. It is not an icon to be venerated, though if you recognize what it is you will agree that there are times when it is certainly a thing to be appreciated.

I think I'll use my Burning Bush logo for when I'm being profound -- or at least, when I'm addressing profound issues. (I may well be as flippant as always, cf. my Pentecost sermon, "Flaming Bunny Ears and Other Signs of the True Church.") Joe Bear -- my childhood friend, now in retirement (as witness his little rocking chair) is best used for posts of a personal nature. But I've been trying to find an appropriate Scouting-type icon for when I'm talking about life in the great outdoors. And I have just remembered Old Reliable, the handy backpacking trowel.

We talk about everything on the trail. Sometimes we're serious and sometimes we're just talking piffle, but you have to be out there with us to realize how the awesome feeling of "everything is sacred" can alternate so rapidly with conversation of the "nothing is sacred" variety. For those of you who haven't been out in the bush with us, well, it's sorta like this.

You know the game show, "Whose Line Is It, Anyway?" Imagine that half the contestants are told that they are explorers in the jungle who have stumbled across a lost tribe that they are to communicate with. Now imagine that the other half of the contestants has been told the exact same thing. The first group must play the encounter in Marx Brothers fashion. The other group must play it a la Monty Python. Now imagine them meeting each other, and you have a good sense of what a day on the trail is like with our happy Crew.
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