aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

I'll fly away, O glory

Just reserved my flight to Colorado Springs in June. Gonna fly out on a Saturday, check in with the folks at the John Wesley Ranch in Divide (regarding next year's UM Trek at Philmont), then on to Wheeler Peak.

Wheeler Peak is Old Business. It's the last of the four "Missed Mountains" I've been aiming for since moving to my present appointment.

On Monday, June 22, I'll wander into Philmont Training Center. I'm scheduled to give a presentation on NAUMS and NAUMS program to the United Methodist Scouters Workshop that day. I'll also hang around and schmooze the folks.

Then, the next day I'll drive back up to Colorado Springs, hand in my rental car, and fly away home. I'll get home just in time to turn around and drive up to Annual Conference in Munchkinland (Oh, be joyful).
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