aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Well, crap

I had my annual physical yesterday. Everything was just great, la-di-da. Numbers fine. I continue to feel great as I'm spending this week of vacation. One annoyance: when I went in last week to get my blood drawn for my physical's tests, they forgot to do one of the tests I always get done, so they didn't have that number for me. It's one I watch closely, so I was peeved. The doctor had them draw my blood again (no phlebotomy charge) and send it off for that result.

The office called this evening to tell me that my test number was way off. Not life-threatening off, but have-to-take-more-stuff-that-has-consequences-down-the-road off. So now I'm really tired, and all the joy has gone out of this vacation.

Rather than start right in on therapy, I think I'll have the test done again. After all, the number was way good in January, and had been basically OK for several years before that. Something (medicine? food? exercise?) may have skewed the results yesterday.

All these aggravations to manage are what make me weary.

EDIT: I feel a million years old tonight.

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