aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

St. David's Trifecta

This being St. David's Day, and me being of Welsh ancestry (in part), the eating of leeks became a near-necessity. While I was shopping for a couple of other things, I picked up some leeks -- and there also was some new asparagus. Together, they gave birth to a nice, simple side dish, which I will call St. David's Trifecta, for the three magnificent main ingredients.

First, I took a wad of thick-cut bacon and diced it. Cooked that over medium-high heat, rendering out the fat and producing some very nice lardons. I drained the pieces and poured off the bacon grease.

I returned the pan to the stovetop with a dollop of EVOO (for its high smoke point), and immediately added a whole bunch of chopped asparagus. I cooked this for five minutes or so, then dropped in about a quarter-stick of butter and three leeks cut up fine.

A heavy pinch of salt and a few grinds of pepper were added, and I proceeded to sautee the whole thing. Once everything was soft, I killed the heat and added the bacon pieces back to the pan. I put the lid back on to hold until serving.

Very satisfying.

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