aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Exceeding expectations

Our youth did their pancake supper last night to raise money for their mission trip. It was a great success. We grossed about $291 for a few hours' work.

Despite publicizing much of the menu, many people couldn't get the idea out of their heads that all we were serving was pancakes, whereas we were doing the whole breakfast-for-supper schtick.

At the kitchen serving hatch, we had a huge amount of hash (with eggs poached on top), a fair amount of biscuits and gravy, plus a crockpot full of sausages. Beside that, we had toppings for pancakes: butter, syrup, berries, whipped topping, apple and cherry pie filling, peanut butter. At the far end of the room, there were three girls flipping pancakes on electric griddles.

Meanwhile, at the near end of the room, we had a basket for freewill donations next to an assortment of muffins and scones. Next to that, I was whipping up two-egg omelets over a one-burner backpacker stove. Boys greeted people as they arrived and brought drinks to their table (coffee, juice, water).

We had seven youth and about that many adults serving forty or so folks. It all went very well.

All of this goes to prove one of the maxims I live by: you delight people by exceeding their expectations. Set expectations low (or at least, reasonable), then make sure they get something extra when they make the effort to come out and support you. Your supporters will come back for more (and, bring their friends); meanwhile, the sense of achievement your workers get from success and appreciation makes them better and more willing workers.

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