aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

This is why I don't like to call the Conference office

Today is the deadline for the electronic submission of annual reports to the Conference ("Check Day"). I finally have all the numbers ready to plug in, and I go to my computer to enter them. But first, I need to be reminded of something.

I call the District Secretary at the Conference Office. No answer. I call the Conference Office directly to speak to the person in charge of Check Day reports. Not in today. I ask to speak to a secretary whose name is given in a secondary character for this task. I get her voice mail.

My question is: Why is there never anybody there to simply respond to your query? The first time? Today?

This is a fundamental question of customer service. I don't want to talk to a voice mail recorder. I want to talk a real human being. I want my question answered within five minutes. That's the standard. I understand about not being able to get hold of busy professionals (I am one, myself). But we're not talking complicated stuff. This is not a matter of open-ended conversations about program design or something. I just want my question answered.

Why can't every person working there know enough to handle routine questions, especially about the e-mail and electronic reports we all have to deal with?

EDIT: I finally got hold of the appropriate person and got a quick, painless answer to my question. Turns out a lot of folks have had the same problem this year. So, all is well -- after the fourth try.


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