aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Non nobis, Domine, sed nomine tuo da gloriam

Worship this morning showcased Scouting Ministry at its best. To a very large extent, our Cubs and Scouts led the service.

We had Scouts as ushers and acolytes. Mitch was our liturgist of the day, and did a very fine job. We took up a special offering for the NAUMS Bible Project and dedicated the Strength for Service devotionals the Cubs are sending to soldiers in Iraq. Michael sang a solo (I accompanied him on piano). Webelos Scout Ben took the prayer requests of the day and offered prayer. Kyle read Scripture, then Seth introduced our speaker.

Seth's introduction of Kevin was a full-blown, highly flattering, formal introduction, which had Kevin red-faced with embarrassment by the time he rose to speak. But then Kevin's witness came across magnificently. People weren't just listening politely, the way they do when kids are up front: they were listening intently, because Kevin obviously had something worth saying. His theme was "Where I meet God." (Both Seth and Kevin are doing Public Speaking Merit Badge with me, and I assigned them these tasks; nevertheless, they far exceeded my expectations.)

Marshall played the offertory ("Steal Away" -- one of my favorites).

I am immensely proud of all of them. The boys did a very good job in worship leadership, displaying personal maturity, grace before a large gathering, and – what is most important – demonstrating that they are articulate, capable disciples of Jesus Christ, each within his own capacity. This is the goal toward which we work in all our ministries with children and youth.

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