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Those were the days

Back in the day when I was doing a lot of writing for Dragon Magazine, I never kept track of all my published mss. Well, recently I discovered DragonDex online, which has the entire corpus of Dragon indexed, all the way through its last paper issue in September '07.

I was pleased to see my name there, along with all the pieces I had published. For those interested in reliving the Good Old Days, here they are. The numbers after the titles are issue numbers (with page numbers, I presume, in parentheses).
"And Now, the Psionicist" 78(26)
"Arcane Lore" 127(62)
"Auld Alliance, The" 216(70)
"Boulder-Throwers and Humanoid Hordes" 141(34)
"Cantrips For Clerics" 108(28)
"Deryni, The" 78(34)
"Duelist, The" 73(6)
"Fantasy Philology" 66(50)
"Great Stoney" 86(41)
"Heroes & Villains of the Deryni" 78(38)
"How Taxes Take Their Toll" 95(18)
"Inventing the 'Instant' Adventure" 175(10)
"Making of a Milieu, The" 93(12)
"Natural Order, The" 122(32)
"Psionics Is Different" 78(7)
"Reflections Of a Real-Life Cleric" 41(6)
"Strongholds Three" 145(22)
"That's Not In the Monster Manual!" 37(6)
"Thrills and Chills: Ice Age Adventures" 68(18)
"What Not To Include" 178(32)
"When It Gets Hit, It Gets Hurt" 73(34)

Several of these articles have also appeared in various Best of Dragon anthologies.

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