aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

And another round for my friend the apostle, here

caoimhinolorica and I had lunch Monday at a coffeehouse in Greensburg. By day, it's a small restaurant; on weekends, it's a church. There was a large dining room as one entered, with a bandstand at the rear; across the bandstand one could see the rest of the room, which was set up with seats for a sanctuary. More rooms for Sunday School, an office, and restrooms were in the far back. A bible was on every table, along with a red-orange pamphlet of the sayings of Jesus (which reminded me of "The Little Red Book of Chairman Mao" -- the Little Red Book of Chairman Jesus? -- hmmm). Christian Satellite TV droned on (thankfully, quietly) from a couple of wall-mounted monitors.

It was an interesting arrangement. I had never been in such a place before, but I understand that they're springing up like mayapples, or so I hear tell. The food was pretty good, the service mediocre. I said to Kevin, "What we really need is a Christian Pub." Though I'm not sure that such an establishment could really double as a church: those who would like the pub atmosphere would probably prefer their churches a little more stained-glass-ish.

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