aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Getting the show on the road

One of the Scouts we took to Africa in 2001 sent me a brochure on a Venturing trip to WV for white water rafting. Sounds like a neat trip, but . . .

The cost for a Saturday - Tuesday trip is $125. That includes 2 (only TWO)days on the river, plus camping fees. High priced, no? But wait, there's more.

Each Venturer or Crew is ALSO responsible for their own transportation to West Virginia. AND camping gear. AND meals (except for two lunches on the river); if you don't want to cook, the camp will sell you meals, the menus of which are mediocre and the prices restaurant-high. Oh, yeah, and wet suits, tips for guides, event t-shirt, and video are "extra," too.

I make the REAL cost of this event for Venturers from Indiana at least $200 for four days. That's not stratospheric, but it bugs me.

When I put a trip together, I endeavor to accomplish two things. 1) There will be a champagne program on a beer budget (every dollar goes up on the screen). 2) The price quoted includes EVERYTHING except coke and souvenir money. That way, kids who are counting pennies can go and have as good a time as the kids with deep-pocket daddies and mommies.

I see the same thing afflicting church groups and the programs they plan. Is anybody else bugged by this?
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