aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Good day in church

Church was good this morning. We sang a bit in German (always fun). My sermon was deeply felt. Not many said anything to me afterward, but I know the difference between an empty or bored silence and an intent, hold-your-breath silence.

God is faithful.

And that's the last word on the Happy Meme I've been working on.
Ich steh' an deiner Krippen hier,
O Jesulein, mein Leben.
Ich komme, bring' und schenke dir
was du hast mir gegeben.
Nimm hin, est ist mein Geist und Sinn,
Herz, Seel' und Mut, nimm Alles hin,
und laß dir's wohlgefallen.

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