aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Poor little guy

collinsmom took Cuthbert to the vet today. He's been upchucking on a regular basis, though not otherwise unhealthy. Well, it turns out he has tapeworm (as well as a bacterial infection). This would explain his voracious appetite and scrawny body, too.

So he got a pill at the vet's, with another to follow in a couple of weeks. He also has some liquid antibiotic to take. He should be right as rain soon.

It was so sweet when D. and Cuthbert got back from the vet. Sassy came to greet them, and touched her nose to Cuthbert's while he was in his carrier. She had been visibly fretting while they were gone, too. She really does miss him when he's not around (not that she'll admit that at any other time).

UPDATE: Cuthbert is having some kind of reaction to the medicine he was given. D. has taken him back to the vet. Prayers would be appreciated.

FURTHER UPDATE: Cuthbert is spending the night at the vet's to flush his system and be observed. We are all missing him very much, and praying for him regularly.

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