aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

We're committed, now

Okay, so I recruited several folks to come over Thursday night and be my Showstopper Dessert Guinea Pigs. That's the night when I assemble and bake the prototype of the big finale, the production run of which will be for Sunday night's Progressive Dinner.

When the Progressive Diners reach our home, we plan on starting them out on some cookies (Pfeffernüsse and Currant Drops), coffee, and hot cider. While they're digesting the enormous meal they've been consuming and engaging in idle chitchat, I've got to assemble the previously prepared parts of the main dessert, viz.,
bottom layer of home-made pound cake,
middle layer of chocolate chip ice cream,
top layer of trifle shaped like a roof,
the whole covered in meringue,
and place in a super-hot oven to brown the covering, after which I take it out and slap on it the previously prepared gingerbread house panels, and . . . ta-da!

Friday and Saturday is also the UM Women's Holiday Bazaar, for which we are supposed to help bake desserts and sweet-shop items. So, here's the week, as seen from the oven.

Tomorrow: banana nut bread.
Wednesday: pound cake, gingerbread, trifle, and ice cream prep.
Thursday: pumpkin and banoffee pies; prototype dessert prepared for focus group; adjust plans for Sunday according to how it goes.
Friday: Pfeffernüsse and Currant Drops.
Saturday: collinsmom's day to finish up whatever she's working on -- I'll be off doing a ten-mile hike.
Sunday: D-Day for this year's Progressive Dinner.

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