aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Back to Normal -- whatever that is

Sassy had her teeth cleaned today. I picked her up a little bit ago, and she's still pretty groggy from the anesthetic. She'll probably snooze all evening.

collinsmom decided to go over to Wilderstead this evening and camp out. She'll finish her electrical work in the morning and return. I thought about going with her, but I'm exhausted and overloaded and can't get away. She probably is, too, so this is battery recharging time for her, I hope.

I'm going to Maumee Scout Reservation this weekend for a course in Wilderness First Aid. This is going to be required for crews at Philmont Scout Ranch in the future, and I want to make sure I'm on board with that before 2010.

I made bangers and mash for today's Bible study group. I also fried up some black pudding. Our Scots group member made Yorkshire pudding. It was all wonderful, but I'm way carbed out.

Our NAUMS on-line Board meeting is continuing and working well. I'm very pleased with the participation and the focus of the Board members. NAUMS has a long way to go to being a really healthy organization -- but we need something like it, so it's important that we do what it takes to become the org we need to be. If we do that, then lots of kids will have a better experience of church and scouting, and The UMC will be a better Church for all.

siege's birthday is Friday. He's buying a motor scooter, and we're helping him with the last few bucks to take possession of it.

Leadership recruitment for the local church is almost done, but the last few positions are all pastor-to-close-the-deal kind. The budget will get written (I hope) on Thursday. Lots of forms to fill out. Sunday evening, the Church Council acts on both and kicks them on to Charge Conference for formal adoption.

Advent and Christmas loom on the horizon.

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