aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Lots going on

I'm zipping over to Wilderstead tomorrow to finish the skirting (I hope) around the cabin. Then, it's up to Jungle Jim's to buy some bangers. I have promised my Wednesday Bible study group bangers and mash for lunch. We also have others making Yorkshire Pudding, peas, and trifle.

Also, first thing in the morning, I kick off my first on-line NAUMS Board meeting as President. These have been amorphous affairs in the past (that's putting it kindly). I'm going to try to herd the cats a bit more efficiently.

Sunday's going to be a big day. We are observing All Saints, with eucharist and remembrance of the dead. My confirmation class kicks off during Sunday School. Then there is the UMW/UMM lunch and meetings. Finally, our church Fall Party starts at 4:00 in Dan R.'s horse barn. There will be hayrides, mucho food, costumes, a bonfire -- the works.

I got called by a pollster this evening -- my second polling in the last month. But let's not go there. I just want to wake up and find myself living in the same country on Tuesday.

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