aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Hounded unmercifully

This afternoon, I spent an hour getting the house ready to be fogged for fleas and other undesirables. Then I put Sassafras in the car, triggered the foggers, and left.

We went to the vet for her annual checkup. She hates the place, and dislikes the people there. I'm sure it's because of bad memories of her first extended visit when she was spayed, but she's getting better at other places she dislikes -- like the groomer's. So why not here? It seems to me that this vet's personnel are just not good with Sassy. I don't know why. When I took her to the specialist in Milton, she did fine. I think they're just sort of hamfisted with her. Maybe we ought to audition a new vet.

Anyway, as a reward for enduring the vet -- and because we had to stay out of the house another hour -- we went out to the holler. She enjoyed that! And so did I. I could have loafed around out there the rest of the afternoon, but needed to be getting back. So she's in the backyard, I'm getting the house aired out, and Collinsmom ought to be getting home in a few minutes. We'll probably have to keep cleaning stuff the rest of the evening.

Winter has its Dog Days, too, it seems.
Tags: notes on the day

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