aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Time away

After choir practice Wednesday, I drove out to Wilderstead, arriving about 11:15 or so. The stars were gorgeous, the night was crisp. It was frosty when I got up in the morning. The picture, below, was taken before the sun had managed to shine down into the holler. This is the first frost I've seen this fall.

A deer was across the creek; later, I saw a red-tailed hawk circling around the front gate. It was a beautiful day all around.

I finished my painting chores by 12:30 and unlocked the gate for collinsmom. About the time she arrived, I was beginning the new skirting around the base of the cabin. By quitting time -- around 5:30 -- I had gotten the whole circumference prepped and about half the skirting on. We went into town to eat supper.

I stayed over a second night, hoping to be able to finish the skirting job, but it started raining about 5:00 a.m. It rained all morning. So we came home this afternoon.

D. did get a lot of electrical work done, and with the help of our handy generator, we now have electric lights and working ceiling fan out in the boonies. She's still got just a wee bit to do and then all the circuitry will be finished. I've just got to finish the skirting, and all of our work on the cabin will be done for this year. After that, I've got to spend a day running my chain saw. We're hoping to spend New Year's Eve (our anniversary) out in the holler.

Next year, I've got to start on some of the prep work for our retirement cottage, especially permits and drainage.

I can't really say how beautiful and restful it is to spend time in our holler. And our cabin "feels like home." It is a gift from God.

A touch of frost
A touch of frost
The path to the cabin is hoary in the early morning.


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