aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Dear LJ Fairy:

My printer (an Epson C62) decided to go wacky on me this summer. After I returned from GB, it wouldn't print right. Text was faint, and there were blank horizontal streaks throughout the page, chopping letters off. I figured my black inkjet was clogged or something, but no amount of head-cleaning or re-charging would fix the problem.

Then, I noticed that I could print text in color just fine. So I figured that the problem was just in the black inkjet.

But . . . I can print graphics perfectly -- in black. Even letters that are part of the graphic come out OK.

So, I could just junk the printer, but I'm wondering -- is the problem in my printer, or in my computer(s), that plain text isn't encoding correctly to print?

I'm flummoxed.

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