aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Autumn Gathering

Well, we had a delightful overnight party at Wilderstead Friday and Saturday. Nikki was unfortunately a no-show, which left collinsmom to fend for herself amidst the herd of Old Farts which came to dinner.

The fall colors were gorgeous, and the evening fell softly as we built the fire up and received guests. First to arrive was Phred. We go way back. We met in seminary some time during the last Ice Age and have been friends and colleagues ever since. Then came Curt, who graduated from a different seminary (alas!), but who entered the Conference the same year as I; we were ordained Elder together.

Curt brought cookies and candy, while Phred brought salad fixin's and some (very good) wine. He having forgotten to bring a corkscrew, however, Deanne called that_guy_zach, who was on his way out to the holler from Cincy. He fetched one along as he came. He also brought some fine barley-water. D. and I furnished spareribs for the grill, some stovetop stuffing, and various malty goodnesses.

Following a leisurely -- and prolonged -- meal, we talked the evening away, and by lanternlight began to play cards, then Scrabble. We also demolished a fair amount of salami and cheese. Finally, about 12:30, Zach left for home, and us old bears headed for our cave to hibernate. Deanne slept on the loveseat downstairs, leaving the loft to the men. She said we all snored harmoniously together.

In the morning, we fixed a massive breakfast of eggs, sausages, yogurt, oatmeal, and bananas. The talk resumed, which was the best feast of all. Finally, we broke up the party and went our separate ways in the early afternoon.

Before leaving, D. and I walked over the Pishon to view our neighbor's deer patch. He has cleaned out the brush across the creek and planted some kind of winter browse for deer. He wants them to hang around and be all gemütlich, which improves his prospects of a benison of venison.

Pix are below the cut. Click on any pic to enlarge.

Spicebush Spicebush
Curt and Phred kick back and relax Curt and Phred kick back and relax
(Statler and Waldorf?)
Zach waiting for dinner Zach waiting for dinner
Deanne Deanne
Doing my best Sydney Greenstreet impression Doing my best Sydney Greenstreet impression
The fez was a birthday gift from That Guy Zach from his trip to Istanbul.
Rise and shine! Rise and shine!
Fall color Fall color
Maple tree at Wilderstead
Fall afternoon Fall afternoon
Looking down the holler
Sycamore Sycamore
Neighbor's deer patch


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