aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

For Nikki

Fräulein Führerin is a bit down tonight, so here are some pix from previous adventures to lift her spirits. It's all about friends in the woods!

Click on a pic to enlarge.

Copper Harbor, MI 2002 Copper Harbor, MI 2002
Niagara Falls, ON 2002 Niagara Falls, ON 2002
Corn Palace, SD 2003 Corn Palace, SD 2003
Campfire with Venturers Campfire with Venturers
Jodi and Nikki warm up to the glow.
Big blue hammock Big blue hammock
Nikki livin' large.
Man Overboard Man Overboard
Zach is thrown off the dock at Rock Harbor at conclusion of trek.
Just one of the girls Just one of the girls
Wade in the Water Wade in the Water
Amber and Nikki wading into Lake Michigan at Cheboygan, WI
It's on the tip of my ... nose It's on the tip of my ... nose
Nobody's cheesier than Zach Nobody's cheesier than Zach
Zach mixes the cheese filling by hand while Nikki looks on.
Nikki and friend at Gungu UMC Nikki and friend at Gungu UMC
All the children flocked to Nikki and Amber.
At the Destitute Camp At the Destitute Camp
The poorest of the poor and the lepers wind up at the Destitute Camp, where JITH cares for them.
An old friend An old friend
Mary was the live wire at our 2001 seminar. She came to visit us on our last night in Dar, bringing her baby boy, Kevin.
Jetsam Jetsam
Nikki trying to nap on the beach.
Wanderers Sunday School Class Wanderers Sunday School Class
"First you gotta read 'em, then you gotta heed 'em . . ."


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