aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

A dispatch from Hoosier Methodism

Last week, I attended a leadership retreat for the South Indiana Confessing Movement board and the North Indiana Evangelical Fellowship leaders. I am not a leader, nor even a member, of either group. I was there to lead music. But, for what it's worth, I agree with their goals, and want to see orthodoxy upheld in the new Indiana Annual Conference we will be thrown together in, beginning with the called, joint Annual Conferences this Saturday.

I wish I could get excited about carrying the fight forward, but I can't. Like Galadriel, I have "fought the long defeat." I'm tired. I don't think defeat is inevitable, but I can't commit too many hopes to the effort.

My attitude is best conveyed by Colour Sgt. Bourne in the movie Zulu (see below). When asked, "Why us?" he replies stoically, "Because we're here." I will not submit to heresy. I will not be moved. I'm willing to die in the last ditch, as needed. But I am not going to lead any charges.

I am thankful that others are willing and feel able to go on offense. They have my prayers and any assistance they care to ask for. But I am on garrison duty only right now.

Why us?
Why us?
Because we're here.


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