aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Don't you girls just love a man in uniform?

My birthday is Sunday. collinsmom and I agreed that my "birthday present" from her would be for me to use our money to buy a new Scout uniform. I'll put the patches on it; her contribution is to hem up the legs on the pants.

I don't actually need a new uniform, except that BSA has redesigned the thing for their upcoming 100th anniversary. And while I could put off replacing my current rig for a while, I'm going to a National Religious Relationships Committee meeting in Dallas this month, and I figured I'd want to look like I was on the ball.

Well, new pants, new shirt, new belt (yep, they've redesigned that, too), new cap (I despise ball caps), and then all the fruit salad that identifies me as a member of my Council and my unit, as a Chaplain, and of course as the recipient of various honors. The whole outfit came to a hundred and thirty three buckaroos.


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