aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Well, I'm back.

I went down to Nashville, TN, yesterday for a meeting of the United Methodist Men Foundation, of which I am a Director by virtue of being NAUMS President. I had to get up at O-dark-thirty, because I had to be down there for a 1:00 o'clock meeting (CDT). I left here at six a.m. and got there at noon our time (11:00 there).

The meeting lasted only about three hours. I stood up for NAUMS there (we have a financial beef with the Foundation concerning a 17-year-old annuity given to NAUMS). It was a lonely feeling, even among friends.

These guys were all UM Men loyalists. Some of them had been doing Men's Ministry in their local churches since the 50s, and some of them had been national leaders since the 60s. They were most of them also supporters of Scouting, too, but their spiritual life has all been greatly impacted by Methodist Men. Mine has not; I'm a church orphan whom God kept speaking to in Scout camp settings. In some ways, I felt like somebody who'd stumbled into a Shriners meeting without being taught the secret handshake.

There was a banquet last night and a dedication and mortgage-burning for the GCUMM building in Nashville. A generous couple gave a large enough gift to pay off the Men's debt on the building they bought two years ago. It was a high point for a lot of people. I felt honored to be included in the hooplah. (The filet mignon last night was pretty good, too.)

I made record time driving home today. Just sort of hit all the bottlenecks at a good time, I guess. I made it home in just about exactly five hours. It usually takes 30-50 minutes longer than that. And I wasn't speeding, either. I also checked Miranda's mileage. My sweet old Plymouth Breeze with the 310,000+ miles got 33 mpg on this trip!

Life is good.

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