aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

I predicted this

According to a poll done earlier this year by Cokesbury Research, United Methodist clergy skew Democratic, while UM laity skew Republican. In fact, they're mirror images of each other.

Do you more often vote for Democratic or Republican candidates?
Clergy Respondents
Democratic 44%
Republican 31%
Prefer not to say 25%

Laity Respondents
Democratic 32%
Republican 44%
Prefer not to say 24%

Among other interesting findings, "47% of pastors surveyed say they preach on issues related to the presidential election or politics in general, yet 80% of laity surveyed say their pastors do not preach on such issues." Hey, we all hear what we wanna hear. The faithful laity get used to tuning out a lot of clergy opinions -- including religious ones, I dare say. They have to, in order to get something out of the stuff they're fed in so many congregations.

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