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Where I've Been

During my recent stay in Nashville, I stayed at the Scarritt-Bennett Center (formerly Scarritt College), a retreat center operated by the UM Women. My actual meetings were at the General Commission on UM Men's offices down the street.

I stayed in Gibson Hall. In the first picture, below, you can see the tower associated with S-B from behind Gibson. In the second picture, you are looking at the entry to the dining hall through Bennett Hall's entrance to the lawn facing the Kern building, where the General Board of Discipleship has its offices.

The UM complex features The Upper Room, GBOD, S-B Center, and the General Baord of Higher Education and Ministry. It sits between Vanderbilt University (a UM college) and Music Square. Ground Zero for the Music Industry is bracketed by the GCUMM and the UM Publishing House.

Back in the day, Nashville was the HQ of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Various mergers which eventually created The UMC mean that various other HQ complexes have been absorbed, which is why the General Board of Global Ministries is in NY, the General Board of Church and Society is in DC, and the General Board of Pensions and Health Benefits is in Evanston, IL.

Scaritt really isn't that old, but the stonework and slate roofs give it a distinctly medieval appearance. Classy place, all in all.

Scarritt-Bennett Center Scarritt-Bennett Center
Bennett Hall Tower seen from behind Gibson Hall
Scarritt-Bennett Center Scarritt-Bennett Center
Walkway through Bennett Hall


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