aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

They keep giving me these things, I swear

I spent twelve hours (and a bit more) in constant meetings yesterday, and the end is not yet. We had Board training for the Directors of United Methodist Men, then we had the Scouting Ministries Committee, then a subcommittee of that, then back to the Scouting Ministries Committee, then the Marketing and Communications Committee (Lord, how did I get put on that one?).

And the beat goes on, all day today; however, I plan to leave by 5:00 p.m. local time, so I can get home by midnight. It's a five-and-a-half hour drive, and I've got to preach in the morning.

Anyway, we've got this new award, called The Silver Torch. It's a special recognition for outstanding leadership at the Regional, National, or International level of UM Scouting Ministry. Six have been awarded as of yesterday, and I was one of them (to my surprise). Our Director of CYSA/Scouting hung the medal on me first thing yesterday afternoon.

I also couldn't resist pointing out that of the six so far given, three have been awarded to persons from the soon-to-be late, great South Indiana Annual Conference: a testament to the strength of our Scouting Ministry there, and one more reason why I have fought so hard to make sure that we didn't get dumped overboard in the Imagine Indiana process that is bringing together the two Indiana Conferences this fall.

So far, two of my concerns have been kicked down the road to the next stage. The Witness Award has been approved in principle, and I've been assigned to the Task Force charged with preparing it for consideration by the full Commission (probably next year). The UM Philmont Trek has also been approved in principle, which means we'll need to huddle on who is going to carry that idea to the Philmont schedulers to get it approved on that end. The earliest we could hope for there would be a 2010 trek.

And, Phil, our new NAUMS Treasurer, came over from the west end of Tennessee yesterday and spent the afternoon here. I managed to hand over all my Treasurer's stuff, so I am now done with that.

We're on the Upward Trail. Life is good.

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