aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Good Visit

I got word yesterday that my cousin Robert was visiting his family in Columbus, so I drove over there, having various adventures along the way (including locking my keys in the car).

I haven't seen Robert in something like thirty years. We are only a few months apart in age. We used to be very close. But we chose different paths. Robert was sinking into a very reckless kind of life back in the late sixties when he found religion; specifically, he got involved with the Hare Krishna folks. I found religion, too. And I'm glad he found something better than what he was into before; I just wish he had found Jesus instead of Krishna.

Anyway, Robert lives in a monastery in California. We exchange Christmas cards, and that's about it. So a chance to see him again was important. I found him to be much more at peace with himself and the world than I remembered him to be. He laughs a lot.

We both commented on how exercise doesn't seem to keep the pounds off at our age. Robert doesn't drive; he rides a bicycle everywhere. He thinks nothing of biking into San Jose (forty miles from his home). Meanwhile, I'm the hiker/backpacker type. And we're both overweight.

Robert was at his sister's house. I posted recently about my cousin Barbara and my Aunt Clarice. Barbara's dog, Mac, is a Jack Russell-Shih Tzu mix. Very hyperactive. Pictures of Mac and Robert are below.

Mac Mac
Barbara's dog
Robert Robert


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