aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

One Thing After Another Dept.

My car's Check Engine light came on while running an errand across town this afternoon. I came back as soon as I could, only to find that the garage I favor can't check out my car until tomorrow. I called collinsmom in KY, because her car is sitting in the driveway. Her car's transmission is not workable, which is why she has the truck this week.

So that means I've got to drive my car to my CPR class in town tonight, Check Engine light or no. But that's it. Otherwise, I'm stuck here at home this afternoon and at the office in the morning.

Miranda's starting to get more and more frequent problems. I suppose I should think about replacing her, but money is very tight right now. So, we soldier on. What else can we do?

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