aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

"What a long strange trip it's been."

Well, I'm back from Nashville and the Annual Meeting and Board Meetings associated therewith of NAUMS. We sat our butts down for nine hours and worked through a huge pile of stuff. I was re-elected a Director at the Annual Meeting.

Then, at the Board Meeting to elect officers for the quadrennium that followed, I was elected President of NAUMS. I am overwhelmed with stuff coming at me already. I'm going to have to dump a bunch of other stuff, for sure.

Being President of NAUMS (National Association of UM Scouters) makes me, ex officio, a Director of the General Commission on UM Men, of the UM Men Foundation, of the National Association of Conference Presidents of UM Men, a member of the Scouting Ministries Committee of the Office of CYSA/Scouting -- and that's just the UMC side. I am also, by virtue of our charter covenant with BSA, a member of BSA's Relationships Committee. All of which means I have a whole slew of meetings I have to attend every year -- some with paid travel, some at my own expense -- all over the freaking country. With what little energy I have left, I can lead NAUMS.

I went down to Nashville almost completely convinced I should stay out of the race for President. On Saturday morning, I talked with one of the other Directors and said, "Would you like me to vote for you for President?" We talked about the pros and cons back and forth, but came to no conclusion. At the break just before the vote, I found this Director and said, "So, am I voting for you or are you voting for me?" The response was, "You do it, Art."

And here I am. Oy.

This re-arranges all previous summer commitments for the next four years, lemme tell ya. There's all kinds of stuff gots to be done, and I'm on the hook for most of it. Still, it's nice to have the confidence of your peers and a chance to promote what you care about. So, I'll do the very best I can, and at the end of four years I'll retire from the Board as well as exit the Presidency.

So this is my last dance at the General Church level; wanna make it a good'un.

Prayers would definitely be appreciated.

* * *

Instead of coming straight home last night, I drove to Wilderstead and stayed the night. This morning, I did a few chores, then drove home. I needed some quiet time in the woods, ya know?

And ða wif took it well when I told her this afternoon. No screaming or throwing cats. Yeah, this might work out after all.


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