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Category VI: People

People make pictures more interesting, but candid shots of people you don't know aren't terribly suitable for hanging. That said, here are some of my best people shots. Please let me know which you think "suitable for framing."

Click on any pic to enlarge.

Alpine Meadow, Baldy Mountain Alpine Meadow, Baldy Mountain
Explorer Post 697 at Philmont
Old Glory ascending Old Glory ascending
The flagpole at the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial is 120 feet 3 inches tall; the flag is sized to match.
Like Master, Like Cat Like Master, Like Cat
Photo 4/29/06 by Zach Collins
Ben Nevis Ben Nevis
Our valiant crew ascends
Glastonbury Tor Glastonbury Tor
Which way to Camelot?
To make an omelet, first . . . To make an omelet, first . . .
Easter Egg Hunt


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