aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Still there

Today was the first chance I've had to get out to Wilderstead and check for storm damage. I also needed to make sure things were clean and ready for the Scouts who are going out there Thursday night for a twenty mile hike this Friday.

The cabin was in good shape (praise God). The drive spur that goes up past it to my little metal shed, though, had some washout spots. This could get real serious if not attended to. I patched some with logs and scraped-up gravel, but it needs a whole load of rock on it; for that matter, it's been needing a finish layer for two years or so.

The rest of the woods looked fine, although the creek showed signs of a LOT of water having moved down it. The channel, which had already been shifting toward the habitable side of the hollow, is beginning to undercut the bank. That's been needing tended to for a couple of years, too.

So, this summer, I've got to get somebody to bring out some rock for the drive, and also a bobcat or a bulldozer or something to reshape the channel and groom the creek bed. No more delays. Except it can't be this week.

Anyway, I swept out the cabin and did some mowing of trails, in addition to patching the worst erosion by the shed. I was hot and sweaty and stink-awful by the time I was done. So, being all alone in the deep woods, I went down to the Pishon, stripped to the skin and sat myself down in the icy water. Ahhhhh. After some splashing about, I put on some dry clothes and headed for home.

Life is good.

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