aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

The end of ane auld sang

Annual Conference has been consuming my energies the last three days. That's over with for another year, hallelujah.

The big piece of business this year was the Imagine Indiana proposal, which would combine North and South Indiana Conferences into one new Conference. It passed handily. I am resigned to it. We meet in special, combined session in October to complete the legal business, then we meet for the first time as our new Annual Conference in June '09 at Ball State.

Only a few more years, Lord.

In other AC news, we had our Scouting Ministries breakfast this morning, and that went well. We collected about $280 for the NAUMS Bible project (we furnish backpacker New Testaments to those attending the Protestant chapel services at Philmont Scout Ranch). Four units received the Bishop's Award of Excellence this year, including both Troop 119 and Pack 129, chartered to This Here United Methodist Church. W00t! for us.

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