aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Drowning in . . . STUFF

I can't find my Passport, and I need it. I can't find anything anymore, come to think of it. My filing system is like Scrooge McDuck's. He went looking for a long-held receipt, which was in a huge storage building. Its file number was "6U-90L." When he entered the building with his nephews, there was a single cavernous room with a gigantic heap of paper in it. The receipt's number meant "approximately six feet up from the bottom of the stack and ninety feet in from the left wall."

I guess I am a victim of my own success. I am in my seventh year of pastoring this church, which is great. But I have never lived in any one house that long before (including when I was growing up). Consequently, I have never had to, you know, clean house to organize things. We just moved.

Well, since I don't want to move any time soon, I'd better set aside some serious cleaning, sorting, pitching, and organizing time. (Groan)
Tags: notes on the day

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