aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Rejoice, we conquer!

I'm sitting in an internet cafe in Fort William, Scotland this afternoon. I managed to climb Ben Nevis, summitting in four and a half hours; the whole up-and-down amounted to eight and a half hours. Above a thousand meters or so, visibility was poor. The summit had snowpack still on it, and you couldn't see squat from the trig pillar. On the other hand, the sun is shining on the summit now, and it's a day like Scotland doesn't see very often. Thanks be to God.

Standing on the summit with my hand on the trig pillar, I called out (softly -- I'm not that big on display, you know), "Venture Crew 699: Rougher! Tougher! Buffer!" So, that old score is settled.

It's a shame that I only came up with the great motto after our Crew had died. I still think it would make a good t-shirt slogan. And, of course, as the increasingly debilitated Advisor, my t-shirt should describe me as a ROUGHER TOUGHER BUFFER DUFFER.

And here's another little saying, with which I comforted several others who were struggling up the mountain: The agony lasts for but a day, the braggin' rights endure for ever.

* * *

Deanne, I'll call you, cell to cell, when I land in Philly on Saturday.

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