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Great day on the Scouting trail (w/pics)

Troop 119 went to the Lincoln Bicentennial Encampment this weekend. We drove down to Santa Claus, Indiana, Friday night and stayed at the old Methodist campground. We packed up in the morning and got to Lincoln City in good time to start a very long day of interesting activities.

There was a Lincoln Sesquicentennial Encampment for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts fifty years ago. Folks figured it was about time to repeat the experience. It was held on Mother's Day weekend, but then, that was made sort of okay because we were at Lincoln's boyhood home, near the graves of his mother and sister.

4300 Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and leaders participated. The program started with a very impressive flag ceremony at the National Memorial, after which we dispersed to do the activities. Troop 119's itinerary started with the National Memorial, so we toured the visitor center, watched a video, then stomped over the hill to view Nancy Hanks Lincoln's grave and the remains (and recreation) of Lincoln's boyhood home.

From there, we walked a trail leading to Civil War re-enactors and other living history folks. The trail crossed Hwy 162 and entered the Lincoln State Park, where there were more re-enactors and activities. A trail medal had been designed for the experience, and to earn it, a Scout or leader had to visit a lot of different stations, each with its particular learning experience. Every one of our twenty Boy Scouts and leaders earned the medal (w00t!).

After completing the trail, we returned to our cars and ate a monster meal of veggie pizza, home-made granola bars and pudding. Then it was back for the closing show, featuring a well-known Lincoln impersonator. He was good. Rain was moving in, and most of the show was cut short. We hopped the shuttle bus back to our cars and headed for home. We got back just before one in the morning, and I'm happy to say that all of those from our church, at least, who had made the trip also made it to church.

Of course, their mothers and wives would probably have made their lives miserable if they hadn't, but hey, being there gets you full credit. Pics of the day are below. Click on a pic to enlarge it for viewing.

Short night Short night
Getting up at Santa Claus Campground to head to Lincoln City
Or would you rather be a pig? Or would you rather be a pig?
Troop 119 in the swing of things
Girl Scouts are included, too Girl Scouts are included, too
Michelle and two of her Girl Scouts
Just like home Just like home
Porta-potties and porta-sinks, too
Old Glory ascending Old Glory ascending
The flagpole at the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial is 120 feet 3 inches tall; the flag is sized to match.
Nancy Hanks Lincoln Gravesite Nancy Hanks Lincoln Gravesite
Young Abe and his father Thomas made her coffin.
Taking a peek upstairs Taking a peek upstairs
Babies slept in a trundle bed; older children slept in the loft.
Stand of rifles Stand of rifles
Jeth checking out the Civil War Re-enactors
Civil War Provisions Civil War Provisions
Jowl bacon, rice, hardtack, flour
By the numbers By the numbers
Re-enactors showing how to load and fire their rifles according to The Manual of Arms
Long Hunters Long Hunters
More Living History re-enactors
The Beat Goes On The Beat Goes On
Troop 119 listening to a Native American drum circle


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