aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Saturday's lesson

I will be teaching two sessions for this weekend's Outdoor Leader Training at Maumee Scout Reservation: Basics of Hiking and Packing; Map and Compass. One of the things I have to train the leaders to do is to teach their Scouts how to find directions without map or compass.

Which led me down Memory Lane to Tumbleweeds and Limpid Lizard. In this comic strip © 1969 and 1972, good ol' LL (not quite the doofus he has since become) has resigned from the Poohawk Tribe and is attempting to secure employment as a guide from Tumbleweeds, who is lost in the desert.

Could be any number of exchanges I've witnessed along the trail with my fellow Scouts, Venturers and Leaders, y'know?

Boy Scout Leader Outdoor Training
Boy Scout Leader Outdoor Training
Thanks, T.K. Ryan

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