aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Best possible speed, Mr. Sulu

Each day this week, I've gotten up feeling somewhat less awful than the day before, though I'm a long way yet from feeling "good." I was planning on going to Wilderstead this weekend and doing more chores, but I may just punt and rest up.

This is a long week at school for collinsmom, and I've been sick for a week, plus had to do taxes and all. The result is that the house looks like someone let off a clutter bomb in it. So once I get to feeling moderately OK, I'll probably need to spend a whole day digging out from under the mess.

I get Miranda (our '97 Breeze) back today, which means I can return the rental car. Miranda may need some more work, but that's for another day. Once the rental's back and Miranda's functional, I need to get Jade (our '99 Mazda truck) into the shop for some major surgery.

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