aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

What a day

Well, I am home warming myself up with some hot gatorade after returning from today's ten-mile hike. It was quite an adventure.

I spent all day yesterday on a dizzy ride due to a reaction to some new medication. I went to bed around 8:30 last night, with a chest that felt as if someone had cleaned it out with a garden rake, and with chills and dizziness. I got up at 6:00 this morning, feeling all hollowed out, but with the major symptoms mostly in abeyance. (At least, there was no dizziness, thank God.)

And so I went ahead and took our Scouts on another ten-mile hike. My Second Adult was my son, siege. Hike leader was Bryan, Mapigator was T.J. The other two Scouts were Jordan and Mike.

The day was chilly and moist, with some real breeziness. It felt like rain all day. As we gathered to take off, we prayed. One of our prayers was to be spared the rain -- and we were. (Way to go, God!)

In the end, though, there were challenges enough without any rain. For some reason, this was our toughest hike. It took us six hours and forty minutes to cover 11.1 miles. The last 3 1/2 miles was the longest trudge of its length I can remember. But the first half of the hike took only 2 1/2 hours. So I think it was a mental thing more than a physical thing. The guys began to complain and conjecture how far we had to go by mile six or so.

A couple of moments to comment upon. 1) Hays Cemetery (see picture, below) is so identified on the trail, but there is no other sign of a cemetery. No headstones at all, just a big spread of daffodils. Somehow, that's comforting. 2) We did get lost once, down in some bottoms, before we got ourselves straightened out and headed up Frog Pond Ridge. Lots of mud today, and all the creeks were running strong.

The day continued chilly and raw. My throat took a real beating. But we all finished in good order, though siege wound up carrying T.J.'s pack as well as his own the last mile. On the way home from the National Forest, my engine started to chug and the Check Engine light came on, though I managed to get home without incident. But that just adds to the day's challenges.

We got back an hour and a half late. Most of the guys slept all the way home, and I don't blame them. It's very good to be home, and I'll be praying that my voice is in good shape to preach tomorrow.

Click on a pic to enlarge

The obligatory The obligatory BEFORE picture
Hey, they're awake!
Heading down Grubb Ridge Heading down Grubb Ridge
A natural cathedral, what?
Hays Cemetery Hays Cemetery
Unmarked but not undecorated
Any port in a storm Any port in a storm
Michael dens in a hollow tree
A tricky passage A tricky passage
Bryan makes it dryshod
Crossing the finish line Crossing the finish line
T.J. and Zach -- weary but triumphant


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