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I had my annual physical Tuesday, and everything was fine; however, I asked my doctor about seasonal nasal allergy symptoms. I've been having trouble keeping my sinuses clear and only Afrin works -- but you can get hooked on Afrin. He prescribed Singulair and Flonase to ease me off the Afrin.

Tuesday evening, I took the first Singulair, and I felt flushed. Wednesday and Thursday, I took serious naps in the afternoon -- as in, took my clothes off and went back to bed. Today, I've been flushed and dizzy all day. It's like being drunk, but without any of benefits.

I'm supposed to go hiking tomorrow. And driving Scouts. So I got hold of my doctor this evening, and he told me to stop taking the Singulair. We'll see how that goes. Prayers for me would be appreciated.

siege will be accompanying me as Second Banana Adult for this ten-mile hike. Prayers for him would be appreciated, too.

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