aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Got 'er done

Well, I got a lot done today, but of course I couldn't get it ALL done. You never can. However, the Risograph got fixed, the bulletin got done, the newsletter is out the door, the sick got (mostly) visited, the dog got walked, the youth got off to Ichthus (I didn't have to do that, but since I've been praying for them, I'll list them in my worries, hassles, and accomplishments for today).

I went to Barnes & Noble tonight and picked up a Lonely Planet guide to Southern Africa, so I can finish my proposal notes for next year's Scout mission trip to Africa University in Zimbabwe. Gotta write those notes up and e-mail them to the project coordinator at AU. Then we can start planning in earnest, as well as reruiting participants.

N.B. Anyone involved in United Methodist CYSA/Scouting ministry, esp. those 14-20 years of age next year, pay attention. We are looking for youth to go to Africa to work with AIDS orphans (kids whose parents have died of the disease, not children with the disease themselves) ages 9-18. In addition, we'll do the touristy things and the Scouty things (hiking, touring, Vic Falls . . .). UM CYSA/Scouting Ministry is defined as: anyone involved in a UM-sponsored Girl Scout, Boy Scout, 4-H, or Camp Fire group; or any UM enrolled in anybody else's GS, BS, 4-H or CF group.

I also began to seriously budget for expenses on our Three Peaks Adventure beginning next month to the UK. Major bucks, there. But major fun, too. Still gotta get my taxes done, and I HOPE that people in the parish stay healthy -- oh, yeah, and it would be nice if the budget got underwritten in this month's stewardship program (please, God). Oy. Pray for me/us/all these doin's, please.

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